long distance sucks
long distance sucks
im kayla & he's patrick. Were perfectly in love but were 1000 miles apart making it work!
22. October 2014

Hey guys I know I haven’t really been on tumblr but I am going a questions and answers thing on the app called YOUNOW. It will be live!!!!!! So you can ask for any advice & stories! My username is @kayluhh_14!! Once you fan me you will be notified when I go live!!!


I want YOU HERE!<3 :( | via Facebook on We Heart It - http://weheartit.com/entry/82600050


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All the happy memories…

Continuing to trust your partner to do right by you.

You’re the one who knows all my insecurities  You’re the one who I feel so comfortable to share everything with Most important of all, you’re the only one I want.